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Cider Press Café (St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)

We always try to keep a tight bond with our clients to better understand their needs. That’s why we flew all the
way to sunny Florida to meet with Johan Everstijn and Roland Strobel, owners of Cider Press Café.

Create a signage network
to take the load off the

Increase customer
awareness of the menu

Replace print based
promo materials with a
more environmentally
friendly option

In 2007, Johan and Roland got acquainted with vegan cuisine and decided to share this exciting food experience with other people. However, as simple the idea might seem, it posed a lot of challenges. First and the foremost, Cider Press wanted to create new dishes that would get non-vegan customers curious about the new food culture. Globally, it’s more than just about the food, it’s about taking care of the environment, health and the future.

“The secret of success is having something that people want. At first, people were scared of vegan food and now it's becoming more and more popular and people come because we have vegan food.”

While Cider Press Café was becoming more and more popular, their menu expanded with specials and new, great items. That’s when Johan and Roland faced a new problem:

“We had a lot of specials and when they came in, customers would have to listen to the server go through, like ten different specials. And sometimes the servers got too busy and it became too crowded. So they didn’t have time to convey the specials to the customers. We had these great specials and items that were not ordered because people just didn’t know about them.”


You guessed it – the Kitcast screens

With our digital signage network implemented, Cider Press Café can now focus on serving the customers and exciting them with their delicious food, while our screens inform, communicate and sell.

“With Kitcast screens, we’re able to have rotating boards that are showing the specials. I can really be specific as to what I put on those screens during different times and to fit the atmosphere that I want to create. The overall sales have gone up!”

Why Kitcast?

“There were several other products, but none of them had the right combination of features that I needed. And Kitcast did.”

Johan Everstijn

co-owner of Cider Press Café

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