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Restaurants Digital Signage

Enhance your customers’
dining experience and improve their loyalty. Maximize average restaurant
check by entertaining your customers with engaging content through
displays and keep them informed about the latest specials.


Increase average restaurant check

Feature hot items, combos, and specials. Suggest monthly cocktails, happy hours, and menu specials with vivid images and animation right in front of your customers. Help your servers focus on serving, rather than trying to name all of the menu items.

Grow your restaurant popularity

Create effective content with eye-catching images, live social media feeds, and custom content using digital signage software for restaurants and cafes.

Inform your clients with valuable and relevant updates

Restaurant digital signage software allows you to provide them with reviews, benefits, weather updates, upcoming events, and important announcements – show it all on the screens.

Cut your costs significantly

Forget about leaflets, expensive boards, and outdated paper-based solutions in the restaurant industry. Save the forest.

Digital signage for restaurants will take your venue to the next technological level. That means more selling potential, better customer experience, and enhanced engagement. Restaurant digital signage is an innovation with almost unlimited benefits for your business.

Here are some ideas for the best restaurant digital signage:

  • Digital menu boards

    One of the most popular applications of restaurant digital signage and the most effective too, digital menu boards are a fantastic way to boost your overall experience and grow your restaurant business.

    Why it’s great to have them? Digital menus provide great flexibility and state-of-art visual presentation. And with all these advantages, you’re saving money too. Screen technology allows you to change content instantly, with no money spent on expensive print.

    Also, having a digital menu allows you to run promotional videos, use pop-ups, show how juicy is your offer, and apply all the tricks the digital medium offers.

  • Customizable design

    How cool is it to have a flexible digital tool that also doubles as a design instrument? Yes, with screens you can create awesome interiors, use displays as a visual canvas for your ideas, and program content according to your color scheme.

  • Social media integration

    Whether it’s a hashtag you’re highlighting, a call for user-generated content, or follow request, screens do the job when it comes to social media promotion.

    You can use the digital signage software for restaurants to run separate snippets asking people to follow you on social media or you can include QR codes or your profile handles at the bottom of the menu for easier growth on social.

  • Gathering feedback from visitors

    Feedback is the best way to keep a hand on the pulse of customer satisfaction. Listen to what the people are saying, talk to them through the screens.

    Restaurant digital signage software allows you to do that and constantly be in conversation with your visitors. That will enhance trust and give you ideas on how to improve

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