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Hospitality Digital Signage

Integrate Kitcast hospitality digital signage solutions into your hotel chain or
rental properties to enhance guests’ experience and improve your brand
loyalty. Maximize the average visiting time by promoting additional services
and apartment augmentation with engaging and appealing digital signage
content through screens. Keep your customers informed and entertained.


Increase the average visiting time

Market your in-house events. Suggest discounts and special offers with vivid images and hospitality advertising right in front of your guests.

Improve your hotel or apartment popularity

Create eye-catching content with vivid images, social media feeds, reviews and customer-oriented content using hospitality signage for outdoor spaces, lobby, and apartments.

Visually inform your clients

Install hospitality signs, displays across your hotel with the FAQ and interactive feedback forms. Provide them with valuable and relevant information like restaurant reviews, updates, and important events.

Cut your costs significantly with hospitality digital signage


Digital Signage for Hospitality

Hospitality digital signage is there to help hotels thrive. With the wide array of content tools in place, you can craft an exemplary customer experience for your guests. Kitcast allows you to make wayfinding better, boost the levels of visitor engagement, promote your brand, and sell more at the hotel restaurant.

Ideas for hospitality digital signage:

  • Interactive wayfinding

    Use screens to create an intuitive and simple system of directions. Make it even more engaging with brand-related content.

  • Lobby digital signage

    Craft a wow effect that keeps your visitors awe-inspired. Use single screens or video walls to impress with content. Digital signage can revamp the look of your hotel lobby and make it more visually appealing.

  • Drive revenue

    Screens allow hotels to create a state-of-the-art advertising network, upsell better, broadcast special propositions and promotions, and pair the process of advertising with the interactive element.

  • Curated room signage

    Use the screens to broadcast promotional messages about the services available at your accommodation as well as entertain your customers by showing content they would love.

  • Digital menus at the restaurant and bar

    Digital menu boards are amazing for driving sales, promoting special menu propositions, and providing more visually appealing images and videos of the meals and drinks served. Also, it’s a great way to show that you have a hand on the pulse of modern technology.

  • Attention-grabbing outdoor signage

    Make your hotel immediately visible by operating the outdoor screens. It will also be a great extension of your advertising network.

  • Direct engagement with guests

    You can gather feedback from your visitors, promote social media content, and drive user-generated images and videos with the help of the displays.

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