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We’re interested in things that others are not interested in.
We make technology things easier. That’s why we are
really good at digital signage.

These are the people who make Kitcast what it is

Photo Egor - Kitcast

Egor Belenkov

Chief Exciter

Photo Alex - Kitcast

Alex Chirva

Product Viking

Photo Vitaly - Kitcast

Vitaly Domnikov

Technology Whisperer

Photo Anna - Kitcast

Anna Myro

Creator of Business Opportunities

Photo Joël - Kitcast

Joël Affolter

Netherlands Business Rockstar

Photo Denis - Kitcast

Denis Rostolopa

Design Evangelist

Photo Sasha - Kitcast

Alexander Chirva

Dev Jedi Master

Photo Iwan - Kitcast

Iwan Teplyakov

iOS Disciple

Photo Ostapenko - Kitcast

Artem Ostapenko

Windows Paladin

Photo Artur - Kitcast

Artur Korol

QA Ninjaneer

Photo Kasyanov - Kitcast

Alexey Kasyanov

QA Ninjaneer

Photo Artem - Kitcast

Artem Risukhin


Photo Kate - Kitcast

Kate Belenkova

Support Hero

Photo Oksana - Kitcast

Oksana Korol

Happiness Maestro

Photo Gen - Kitcast

Gen Belenkov


Photo Doggo - Kitcast


General Partner

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