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Digital Signage for Home

Home digital signage is there to make your living better. Screens are not only for business, they can improve the in-house experience on a personal level. Install displays around your home to create a digital environment on your own terms. With multiple widgets to choose from, having a smart home has never been easier. Start enjoying the awesome perks of the digital future now with all the benefits of the screen technology.


Never miss an update

Use digital signage for home to broadcast weather, send you important alerts and brief you on the latest world or local events. Always stay informed and benefit from the visual representation of information.

Highlight the things you care about

Whether it’s a picture of your loved ones, your happy place or dear travel memories, use screens to cherish the people and the moments in a beautiful way. Combine pictures and videos, run carousels of memories, celebrate nice moments.

All the information you need in front of you

TV guide, cinema schedule for a weekend, happening in the city, important events not to miss, digital signage does a great job of reminding you about the things that matter at the moment when you need it.

Get the most of social media

Use screens for a better social media experience by integrating your favorite accounts. Broadcast Instagram and Twitter feeds and visualize the RSS channels.

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