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Education Digital Signage

Use digital signage systems to create an effective and cost-efficient
network across the college and university campuses, schools and
dormitories of all kinds. Easily manage it centrally through a web-based
dashboard: anything from concert announcements to motivation programs.
Keep your students and employees informed with urgent and
time-sensitive updates.


Increase engagement across the campuses

Use digital signage for education as a versatile visual tool: eye-catching images, live social media feeds and any special content for schools.

Convey any message instantly

From event spotlighting to effortless directions/maps – keep university, high school and college staff updated with all of the important and relevant information.

Forget about intricate solutions and apps

Control your whole network with one app on any scale and any number of locations.

Cut your costs significantly

Get rid of leaflets, expensive message boards, and outdated paper-based solutions implementing education digital signage.

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