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Kitcast is the digital signage designed for all the ways your customers
want to work. It’s compatible with most powerful digital signage players.

Build a digital signage business
as a Kitcast reseller

Kitcast reseller program

% from all closed deals, based on
the volume of licenses sold per year

White labeling

with a minimum annual commitment

What Your
Customers Need

The ready-made infrastructure that helps accelerate business development.

Minimized technical issues

Our software prevents technical issues in your digital signage network.

Boosted business results

95% of customers buy additional licenses within the first year after purchase.

Painless and fast installation

Installation and setup of Kitcast won’t distract you from your work.

Professional software

Our software is built specifically for business.

Simple to sell

Kitcast is user-friendly and isn't viewed as a complex solution. We offer flexible purchase prices based on volume.

Global and local support

We are ready to fix any technical issues and answer any questions about the product.


We use the latest technologies for the optimization and stability of the entire infrastructure.

How We Can Help

Our determined approach helped us create convenient software for a digital signage business that has a
proven record of reliability among top professionals.


We cover the custom development, no matter how complex. Whatever works to boost your business – we’ll develop it for you.

You need special authentication? Multiple integrations? Adjustments to design? We’ll carefully and effectively transform your ideas into results.

White labeling

Engage the end consumers with direct brand communication: your logo for your signage with your message. 

Simple invoicing. Send and manage invoices from anywhere.


We provide partnership support for any issue, including pre-sales and post-sales, technical support, installation and deployment, custom development and assistance with hardware. We support your customers directly.

We’ve got you covered with support specialists from your territory, speaking your language and sharing your time zone. Kitcast makes international deployments effortless.


The world’s enterprise experts are among our
partners. We provide dedicated training and
consultancy to our digital signage resellers.
Everything: from mounting the displays
to setting up the screens to maintenance.

Marketing support

We allow you to communicate with your
customers directly and instantly engage with
them through co-promotion. We’ll provide you
with promo materials, content and localization.


Proof of play reports over daytime, total running time, player, advertisement name and media file. System status reports. Automatic report generation and email alerts.

Free training

We conduct on-site training for company employees and organize webinars to share information and expertise in the digital signage business we've accumulated over the years. Our digital signage resellers benefit from all our company’s know-hows and experience.

Become a Kitcast partner today

Earn up to 30% commission per screen per month
for the lifetime of the customer created recruited.