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How It Works 
on Android Devices (Beta)

Unlike the vast majority of the digital signage software, 
Kitcast requires no technical skills to set your 
signage network up and running.

Android device

All you need is an Android-based TV device or an Android TV Box with Android 5.1 and higher, 1 GB of RAM Memory and 8 Gb of Memory Storage.

the Kitcast app

Connect your Android TV device to your screen, launch the Google Play or Amazon Appstore and download the Kitcast app. The Kitcast dashboard is easy to navigate, and connecting the screen takes no more than two minutes. It doesn’t matter how many screens you have, one or one thousand.

Beautiful Content

Once your screens are connected, you can start uploading your own content: like videos, pictures, presentations, any documents et cetera. You can always create content using Kitcast’s powerful template designer.

android tv digital signage
digital signage android tv

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