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Why Kitcast?

It’s Simple. We make
technology things easier.

If you use screens to communicate with your target audience – Kitcast
is exactly what you need. It’s intuitively easy and powerful enough to help
you achieve your business goals: no matter how niche or large.

best digital signage software

Magic pill for IT

Hey, IT departments, we are on the same page when it comes to technology things. It’s simple. We mean it.

Easy integration

We mean it. It’s easy. Connect the device to your display. Download our app from the app store. Follow the installation instructions and enjoy the best digital signage software at your fingertips!

Easy mass deployment

The end of manual configuration: zero-touch setup for AppleTV (Jamf) and Android devices.

Easy management

Anything from creation, to editing, scheduling, and cross-platform collaboration – your dashboard is the simplest way to control your digital signage content and screens in any part of the world.

Dev support. Makes it much easier

Our team of system engineers and developers is there for you and your projects. You’ll finally have time for the wonderful things life is all about.

Full Solution Provider

You should know we already like you (partly, ’cause you followed to this tab). However, we think it would be nice
to let you know that Kitcast offers more than just an app.

Kitcast project manager

Project Management

Easy doesn’t mean careless. Our project managers are devoted to guiding multiple project threads toward a business goal you pursue. It’s a 24/7 dedication to driving a stable implementation timeline.

Kitcast development team

Custom Development

Our developers can integrate your data sources into your visual communications network in order to stream real-time content and meet your organization’s toughest requirements.

Kitcast Technical Infrastructure

Technical Infrastructure

Our team of system engineers design and implement the technical framework: whether it’s a cloud solution or an onsite implementation of your digital signage for AppleTV behind your firewall.

Kitcast designer team

Physical Installation

We send you an implementation squad to mount the displays and media players at your facility quickly and safely. Afterward, your state-of-the-art digital signage network is on.

We could’ve delivered you to Jupiter - Kitcast

We could’ve delivered you to Jupiter. (Just let us know)

In the meantime, we’ll help you deliver a clear message to your customers and
employees. Because we can...

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