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Real Estate Digital Signage

Finally, you have a versatile tool to improve your communication with
clients for both outdoor and indoor engagement. Use real estate digital signage software to inform
and engage with your audience in residential and commercial properties.


Grow your company’s popularity

Easily make visually engaging content with eye-catching images, live social media feeds, easily customize content.

Instantly inform your clients

Provide them with valuable and relevant information like housing prices, upcoming events, information about the property and the whole area.

Increase your revenue

Sell advertising space on your screens, launch effective real estate promo campaigns.

Cut your costs significantly

Forget about leaflets, expensive message boards, and outdated paper-based solutions for real estate agencies.

Improve your visual marketing strategy

Create an effective real estate digital signage network in a few steps at any scale and for multiple locations.

Digital Signage for Real Estate

Screens powered by real estate digital signage software create a whole new level of customer experience that is immensely beneficial to your business. Kitcast helps you to stand out from the competition and ensures that your clients are amazed each time they come over. Transform your physical location to follow the latest trends in visual communication.

Ideas for real estate digital signage:

  • Winning the outdoor medium

    Nail the outdoors! Use the screens to show images and videos of properties you’re selling, promote social media accounts, gather feedback, and run promotional material about your brand/company.

  • Boosting the in-office engagement

    Lobby screens, corridor displays, and meeting room screens are there to boost interaction. Use the fantastic engagement capabilities of digital signage technology to bring a better customer experience. That will motivate people to purchase and increase the level of client satisfaction.

  • Listings that come alive

    Long gone are the days of static listings. Displays allow you to make a fantastic first impression by showing spectacular video and photo content featuring the properties you’re selling.

  • Improving the corporate communication

    Take internal communication to the next level at your real estate office! Kitcast allows you to use the power of the screens to organize the working process better, introduce quick and efficient internal messaging, bring the easy-to-use meeting room booking system, and motivate employees the right way.

  • Revamping the properties you’re listing with screens

    Place screens inside the properties you’re selling. It’s a strategic move to boost interest from a potential buyer, show content to increase the value, and interact with a customer in a more up-to-date fashion. Kitcast helps real estate agencies to sell better.

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