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Digital Signage for GAS Station

Gas station digital signage is an ultimate solution to increase sales, drive engagement and get the attention of your customers. From pumping outdoors to shopping & restaurant indoors, screens will be a great contribution to the better client journey at your place of business. Implement digital signage to make your gas station up-to-date with technology and start earning more from every visit through setting up a local advertising network. Every way you look, adding display to the pumping experience only brings benefits to your business.


Create an outstanding customer experience

Install screens at the pump machines and start showing great content right away. Revamp your restaurant indoors with digital menus and interactive signage.

Start making money on advertising

Create your own advertising ecosystem running promotional content outdoors and indoors. Make more money from every visit with digital signage for gas station by running different ads that highlight various products and offers.

Improve branding and popularity

Gas station digital signage is an amazing way to get your branding message across. Show awesome content, entertain customers, inform them, communicate with them, promote your social media channels.

Cut the waiting time and prolong the shopping

Show customers that you care about their time by installing a digital queue management system. Get them staying inside by highlighting the special retail and restaurant offers you have.

Gas station digital signage is an amazing tool to change the way your business interacts with customers and earn more through a local advertising network.

The key to better client interaction is giving a pleasant experience starting from pumping to the in-store engagement.

The screen technology transforms your business with the way content is distributed and you start earning more on your own terms.

Install gas station signage outdoors and indoors and see how the magic unfolds.

Great ways you can use gas station digital signage with Kitcast:

  • Digital menus in the gas station cafe, bar, or restaurant

    Digital menus at the gas stations can be used for highlighting the special promotions you’re having, upselling items, and selling combos.

    Communicate that with bright animation, entertain customers, and add humor.

  • Provide useful road information

    Utilize weather widgets, run breaking news sections, and constantly update your customers on the traffic situation.

    Use technology as a way to support your customer on the road.

  • Become an advertiser

    Partner with the brands you’re selling, run boutique campaigns and level up the marketing efforts in-store.

    With screen technology, you have the power to set up a small advertising ecosystem that is guaranteed to make you money.

  • Provide hassle-free pumping experience

    Install screens outside and inside that provide clear instructions, implement a queue management system, and minimize waiting times.

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