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Government Digital Signage

Government digital signage is a tool that helps agencies to ensure an organized and time-efficient community engagement using the latest technology advancements. Whether it is a court, an administrative agency, a police station or a library, screen technology is there to instantly broadcast information, provide educational content, issue vital announcements and gather feedback. Digital signage for government is also a state-of-art solution for the queue management cutting the waiting times and reducing the visitors’ stress. During the COVID-19 restrictions, signage technology is an ultimate way to guarantee the safety of your visitors and fulfilment of the social distancing requirements.


Providing better communication

Show important announcements in a heartbeat using a set of ready templates. Get people’s attention by broadcasting content that is relevant. Inform visitors about the events, special dates, necessary documents. Easily show the PSA and make sure that it is actually watched. Level up the communication at your agency to give the community a better service.

Bringing time-efficient queue management

Cut waiting times by introducing a digital queue-management system. Boost the morale of your visitors by showing that you care about their time and comfort. Use the power of screens to organize the flow of visitors and reduce the stress.

Ensuring clear wayfinding

Use screens to guide visitors through the governmental buildings providing a smooth transition from point A to point B. Display vital information at the crucial points and make sure that every visitor knows the way.

Winning community trust

Implement the display technology to show your community that you’re on their side. By bringing the power of digital signage to governmental institutions you’re positively changing the people’s experience and leveling up the communication.

Digital signage for government

Government digital signage helps agencies to ensure better service and improved communication with the audience. The people will appreciate the digitalization efforts and the employees will be more productive with all the advantages the signage technology offers. The screens will make a visit to a government office more organized and more hassle-free. Whether it’s a courthouse, an office, or a big complex of buildings, the solutions offered by Kitcast allow you to create a network that facilitates engagement and brings an improved visitor experience.

Ideas for government digital signage:

  • Easy-to-understand wayfinding

    Government offices can use Kitcast to create clear and efficient wayfinding across the premises. Install screens to guide visitors, show maps to help people orient themselves, and combine wayfinding with other content. It’s the best way to ameliorate the visitor experience and minimize stress.

  • Effortless dissemination of information

    Digital signage gives government institutions the ability to share any kind of information quickly and easily. Use the display network to instantly show important messages, broadcast alerts, and provide info that matters.

  • Cut costs of printing

    Going digital means dropping the printed materials. That, in turn, means that you will save lots of money in the process and will also turn to a more environmentally friendly approach.

  • Improved internal communication

    Digital signage for government is a fantastic way to transform internal communication. From meeting room booking to memo sharing, screens at government offices bring more speed and less hassle to the overall working environment.

  • Queue management that works

    Make sure that visitors have it as smooth as possible coming to your institution by creating a state-of-the-art queue management system using the tools offered by Kitcast.

  • Feedback gathering

    Feedback matters and screens allow you to gather it in a less intrusive and easier way for the visitors.

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