Beautiful content
created in minutes

With Kitcast you can instantly upload images, videos, messages, and menu boards across multiple displays. Create an interactive experience by featuring live feeds from Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp. Tons of popular services and widgets like weather and news are already integrated and ready for use.

Smart Templates are ready to use

You no longer need expensive services outside your digital signage solution if you have Kitcast, so count that off your expenses.
Every template you find in our collection or build
on your own will look stunning
and work just the way you want.

All the smart templates were designed using real data and analytics. We analyzed usage data on how people react to different types of content and how their behavior changes in response to it. We took the findings and created templates that not only look good, but achieve business goals.

Machine learning and analytics*

Kitcast gives you powerful real-time analytics and access to customized reports to transform your business, cut unnecessary costs, and increase sales. It tracks path-maps to understand how customers move around your location.

Data analysis allows for understanding your customers and how they react to the content you show. Our machine learning technology analyzes collected data and gives you suggestions on how to improve your content. It’s a real-time marketing campaign that you get to fully control, optimize, and adjust.

*Available upon request only.

Secure and

We made sure your screens never go blank, even if the Internet is down. Once you go back online, the device will automatically connect to Kitcast services and update your content using self-caching algorithms.
This means a couple of things that are crucial to successful business: your data is never lost, your content is always shown, your customers are always informed and entertained.

Interactive management

It doesn’t matter how many screens you have – one or one thousand – you can manage your whole network easily. The navigation in the Dashboard is intuitive and takes little time to figure out. Add new screens, create content with template designer, manage it all on the fly, monitor your devices, and learn from the data.
We made the platform ultra-secure, so you know your content is safe and will roll out when scheduled without fail.