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Case studies

LUNYA Luxury Sleepwear (Los Angeles, CA)

What can be better than having clients in Los Angeles? Thanks, Lunya for having this great opportunity
to be back to this cool place and meet company’s Art Director Sam Sing and Chase Hentges, Lunya’s Designer.

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Avatar Egor - Kitcast

Egor Belenkov

Kitcast. CEO

Avatar Sam Sing - KitcastAvatar Chase Hentges - Kitcast

Sam Sing Lunya. Art Director

Chase Hentges Lunya. Designer

What is the idea behind Lunya brand?

So, Lunya is a sleepwear for the modern woman founded on the idea that we want to make women feel confidently comfortable in their most intimate space – the bedroom. We create sleepwear for the modern woman. It's something that can move with her effortlessly throughout her day. We know that her agenda is busy and she's active and she has a lot going on so we want the last thing she has to think about is her sleepwear. We stand for design, quality, and innovation.

How do you engage with your customers?

We use a couple different tools to engage our customers, whether it's their first time in the door or their tenth. We do things like the scent. We have custom scents, which you're smelling here. Then we also use a lot of multimedia, which Kitcast has a lot to do with that. We do everything from print goods to film on walls and different TVs throughout our spaces.

Your showrooms are called the Bedroom. Why is that?

We call our stores the Bedroom. Obviously, it's not actually that person's bedroom, but we can connect with them in a different way by showing the garments that we create in different people's spaces. And kind of give them some inspiration as to how they might be able to wear their pieces as well.

What drove you towards Kitcast?

Traditionally we have tried all sorts of different ways of distributing the pieces of content that we create to our stores. Everything from flash drives to airplay to all sorts of weird, kind of, non-sustainable ways of doing things. When I found Kitcast, I was very excited about it. One of the big things that Kitcast provides us is just the peace of mind that I can log on to the dashboard. I can see what's playing, when. And it's almost as simple as if something's not playing there's a simple problem as to why it's not and I can easily fix it.

Who manages digital signage at different Lunya locations?

A lot of times in our stores we have sales associates and different people that may not be technically advanced running these things. And in the past, if some major issue happened really we'd have to call on a professional, somebody who's into computers into hard drives that can diagnose problems and fix them. With Kitcast it's as easy as someone calling me and I can fix.

Why Kitcast?

The user interface is very well laid out, it's very well explained and essentially easy to use. If I were to define Kitcast in three words I would use: simple, reliable, and elegant.

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