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Case studies

Coker College (Hartsville, SC)

It’s always great to be back to school. Each of us might have different reasons for that.
We’re proud to have business with Coker College and gladly paid a visit to Hartsville, South Carolina
to talk with Danielle Sewell, M.F.A., Director of Marketing & Communications.

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Avatar Egor - Kitcast

Egor Belenkov

Kitcast. CEO

Avatar Danielle Sewell - Kitcast

Danielle Sewell, M.F.A.

Director of Marketing and Communications

What is the history of Coker College?

College was founded in 1908. It was a women's college originally and we've been co-ed since the late 60s. So we're in Hartsville, South Carolina. We've got a very close-knit community here (about 1,300 students) and lots of cool stuff going on.

How do you stay on the edge of technologies for your students?

Access Coker is a digital technology program, but the goal of it was to take the technology that is available to us, that our students are going to need to be familiar with in their careers and use that now, while they're on campus, to make a really personalized learning experience for them. And part of that initiative also involved our IT team installing Apple TV's across campus so Kitcast was a very natural fit since we had the Apple TVs being installed and it's worked really well to have those two in collaboration.

How did Coker community benefit from Kitcast?

I think since we've had the Kitcast screens available, they're so visible on campus so we can really see that people are noticing them more. I get more comments about them, whereas before we really had mostly just static ways of advertising events and promoting campus services. So they don't end up in people's blind spots the way the posters and the flyers do. And we also save a lot on the ink and the paper which is pretty good too.

Who in your team manages (Kitcast) digital signage?

We manage it centrally through the marketing communications office and we've got a few people across campus who are in the process of being trained to manage playlists for their specific areas. We've got a staff member in the performing arts center now, who has been trained on how to update things like concert announcements or performance dates. We're trying to promote things that are changing really regularly. So she can keep that really up to date for us now. It's working really well.

Why Kitcast?

Well, we've looked at a few different platforms, when we were deciding to go with a digital signage initiative. Kitcast was particularly attractive for us, because of the capability to have these multiple screens in multiple locations. Then to manage it centrally, to manage it through a web-based dashboard so we didn't have to have any special equipment or anything on different devices and manage all of that as well. And the ability to have it in those different locations and have different playlists for each location. Kitcast, I think, is a good one because even though some people on my team don't use Kitcast constantly or they might not even have used it ever before – if I give them the login, then they can go in and figure it out. It simplifies things.

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