5-minute setup

Since you need nothing else to set up your network but an Apple TV, it’s incredibly fast.

Kitcast lets you skip the hassle with choosing the right device, weighing prices, and comparing models. You’re getting an Apple TV, connecting it to Kitcast, and you’re done.

No IT department needed

Like all great things, Kitcast is simple. Our key goal was to create a solution that anyone can use.

Not just an IT expert or a network specialist, but truly anyone who needs it. Its interactive Dashboard is no more complicated than apps on your phone. You can be in charge of your network and navigate it easily.

Screens work for you

To turn a screen into a working marketing tool instead of passive advertisement, you need to know what to show.

Simply uploading nice images isn’t enough. Kitcast’s data-based smart templates let you know what works better and achieve the goals you’ve set. We made them based on customer engagement and we know how to attract attention and influence visitors.

Stunning content

Showing the right content is key to success in the world of digital signage.

All the beautiful templates we have in Kitcast are available to you right away. There’s no need to order costly advertisement to show it to your visitors, you can create you own. And all of it will be appealing, effective, and behavior-optimized.

Fast on every level

The more your network grows, the more data is transferred because your digital signage becomes more intelligent.

That’s why we built a system with minimum time requests to speed up every part of your network. Updates, content delivery, caching — everything works at lightspeed.